About us


Jesus Christ is at the center of everything we are and everything we do. Having once been slaves of sin, we are learning what it means to be joyful slaves of His sovereign Lordship! We want everything we do to proclaim His preeminence, His supreme glory, and our satisfaction in Him! Of course, we pursue this passion imperfectly, but through grace Jesus Christ is our all in all!


We are a people increasingly transformed by the radical work of the gospel. We don’t make this statement lightly – the gospel isn’t something that we simply ‘bolt-on’ to our lives. But rather, the gospel defines us. The gospel propels our desire for God and our ongoing surrender to Christ’s Lordship, as it operates at the forefront of our lives, increasingly transforming our mind, our heart, and even our affections! 

Grounded in God's Word

Because we are Christ-centered and gospel-focused, the word of God is also at the center of our lives and ministry. The Bible isn’t a disconnected collection of facts and moral lessons – but rather, it’s a single story of an indescribably holy and just God redeeming a rebellious, unworthy people from their bondage to sin. As such, the person and work of Jesus Christ is the central theme and message of the entire Bible. Because God’s inspired, inerrant, and authoritative word is central to both the salvation of sinners as well as our Christian growth, expository preaching is the central focus of our worship services.

Growing in Grace

We are also a people who are growing in our understanding of NT community. As important as our individual relationship with the Word is, our Christian growth is incomplete apart from a faithful commitment to NT community. We need authentic, gospel-empowered relationships with each other to see things we can’t always see in ourselves – both good and bad. Both the joys and struggles of biblically faithful, NT community provide some of the greatest opportunities to adorn the gospel on a day-by-day basis, as we learn to love, serve, and edify one another while putting to death our orientation to self. Our Sunday gathering isn’t enough to foster this kind of gospel living. This is why small groups are a growing component of our church life.



Finally, we’re also a people who want to be “on-mission” to advance the gospel and kingdom of Jesus Christ. As we grow in our love for the gospel, and our commitment to one another, we want our outward focus to grow as well – mourning for those who cannot yet mourn for themselves. We don’t want to do this out of mere duty. Instead, we want our awe of the gospel and our gratitude for Jesus Christ to overwhelm us, liberating us to boldly and joyfully serve those God has providentially placed in our lives and in our community, proclaiming Christ’s gospel to all.